Our Warfare takes a fresh look into the depth of spiritual warfare that all children of God are called to partake in. This discussion explores spiritual warfare from a new perspective which is a must for all believers. Our Warfare examines the state of the Kingdom of God and offers spiritual insight into the solutions that must take place in order for the believer to become more mature and equipped to engage in spiritual warfare. As a supplemental guide to both the spiritually experienced and inexperienced child of God, this body of work covers all of the basic revelations necessary to be prepared for maturity and ministry. With in-depth discussions concerning the kingdom of Satan, the character of the believer, weapons of warfare, and discussion activities for individuals, small groups, or churches, Our Warfare is a valuable asset for the body of Christ. After reading Our Warfare, the believer will be empowered and equipped for Spiritual Warfare.



The old adage rings true, practice makes perfect. The repetitive nature of this devotional is designed to assist you to effectively master the art of talking to God or to continue with your journey to a more enriched relationship with Him. These uniquely specific prayers will certainly challenge you to bring your own petitions before the Lord as we go boldly to the throne of grace.

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